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I searched for Rebecca for 2 months.. Shes worth it! Highly recommended!

I went for a consultation regarding child custody at the beginning of the year. I was stressed, broken down, and fearful for the safety of my child. The attorney I went to see was too busy so Rebecca met with us. From the very first meeting she was compassionate, full of knowledge, and honest about where the case could go both best and worst case scenario. She was able to give me hope about my case if it got to the point of a court battle. At that time I just needed some guidance. Now fast forward a few months, when I needed to hire an attorney and went back to that same office. I was told she no longer worked there. I searched for this woman refusing to have anyone else handle my case because the amount of passion she has for what she does is what made me say, ” I have to have her!” I searched for her for 2 months before coming across her Facebook page. I immediately messaged her and got a response within the hour. I met with Rebecca a few days later after speaking to her over the phone. We went over everything that had happened and came up with a game plan. We began the first steps of what I’m sure will be a long process. She told me exactly what I needed to do and broke it down so it didn’t seem so overwhelming. She genuinely cares about her clients and their families and does what is in their best interest. With that said I would, and have, recommend her to any and everyone. Although we have not yet been in court and its still just the beginning stages of it all, I trust Rebecca to get me to a position that works for my family. She is a firecracker and a go getter and there is no one else I trust handling my case!!!

– Mandi

Highly Recommend

I hired Rebecca about three months ago. I tell her all of the time I wish that I would have hired her three years ago. I have been going through a divorce for three years and had a bad experience with my previous attorney. Rebecca has shown me what a good attorney should be. She is honest, empathetic and trustworthy. Rebecca is passionate about her clients, her work, and knows the law.

– Tammie

Rebecca is a honest and caring lawyer

She was recommended to me by a fellow friend and I’m glad I got in touch with her. She is smart, funny, and professional. She was upfront about what I could expect in my situation and always responsive to my concerns. She is a genuinely good person and by far my favorite lawyer!!

– Kristy


Rebecca is a very effective and cost-effective family law attorney. She is scrappy and pragmatic, and she understands the system as well as any high-priced attorney out there.

When it comes to child custody battles, Rebecca is intelligent, punctual and very dedicated to the families she works for. This was a case where I felt my children’s safety was seriously at stake, it was a custody battle that had gone on for years and safety of the kids had been brought to the courts attention on several occasions. I had to find a lawyer in the middle of my case, because of the new evidence that had been brought to my attention and the danger I felt my children were in at that very moment. Rebecca completely gave me faith that as a father I did have a chance, to finally win this case and be able to give my children structure, stability and a safe home, she was an attorney who emotionally became part of our lives, and sincerely cared about my family and the safety of my children.

After being referred to Rebecca from a family member whose sister was an attorney, and knew of Rebecca, I decided to take my chances and give her a call. From the first phone call I made to Rebecca, I knew I already liked her; an attorney who answers her own phone calls on her day off well standing in line at the DMV was already impressive to me. After briefly explaining to her the case, she immediately offered to meet with us that afternoon. Upon meeting with Rebecca, she immediately came up with a solid plan for us on the spot. She is confident yet realistic; she doesn’t tell you what you want to hear so you will keep spending money frivolously in denial – she tells you the REALITY of what you need to know to ensure you are always 10 steps ahead of the other party. She also knew how to work within our financial means and provided multiple ways for us to follow through with our plan.

Although there had been some twist and turns in our case, Rebecca was by our side every step of the way, always responding to emails and phone calls promptly. At one point we thought we didn’t have a chance to win, Rebecca was there to remind us, that it was going to be ok and that no matter how it looks right now she is still going to go in that courtroom and fight till the end. In the courtroom, she was incredibly sharp and straight forward and challenging but yet at the same time humble in her own way, the perfect combination that judges respect; even under pressure she advocated for us and came up with solutions right on the spot in the middle of the court when the other party attempted to throw a few curve-balls. In the end, Rebecca got us an outcome that was more favorable than the greatest outcome we could have imagined. I will be forever grateful to Rebecca for the fight she gave in court, her ability to never take NO for an answer from the judge, her determination, her drive to see this case through.

If you are looking for a family law attorney just remember one thing; the lawyer that you choose for a child custody battle plays a huge role in making (or breaking) your case. Only a parent who has truly feared for their child’s safety can begin to even understand or comprehend what it means to know that my children are safe because we placed our trust in Rebecca Perkins to fight for us and she did exactly that and MORE. Thank You from the bottom of our hearts Rebecca!!!!!

– Ricardo

Life Changing

Rebecca surpassed all expectations that we had for a family law attorney. We have been to court several times and were disappointed each time. Recently we contacted Rebecca about a new situation and she was eager to help us. The outcome of our most recent court appearance was truly life changing for our family. Rebecca gave us a sense of security and peace that we have never experienced. I would and have recommended her to several close friends already.

– Chris

Rebecca Perkins family law attorney

This is my first time working with a lawyer due to financial difficulties but I found Rebecca Perkins and let me tell you how awesome the experience has been. when she first got our case and we met up with her I was a little hesitant on using a lawyer you know, you hear about all the stories of lawyers ripping you off over charging not being available. Rebecca Perkins Is reliable, compassionate, dedicated and most of all concerned about the child’s well being. My Wife and I were very satisfied with the results. I would highly recommend Rebecca Perkins as your family law attorney.

– Joe


I called to set up an appointment with Rabecca and she answered the phone. I spoke with her for over thirty minutes. She was extremely helpful and offered me advice right over the phone. I went in for my consultation a few days later and could not be more pleased with my experience. Rebecca talked with me for over an hour. She truly cares about her clients and making sure that everything is fair.

– Jessica

Responsive, knowledgeable, and truly cares about clients!

I found Rebecca after she responded to my question on Avvo regarding a custody investigation ordered by the court after my request for a visitation change due to a planned move. I loved that even though she’s fairly new as a lawyer she was more knowledgeable than a lot of attorneys and she’s not jaded at all, she is out to make a change and actually help people. She saw me on short notice and was incredibly knowledgeable. She printed materials for me to educate myself on the parts of the law pertaining to my case. She was able to advise me on what steps to take and was even able to distinguish what the courts had made errors on. Even though we postponed the move, Rebecca went above and beyond to protect my custodial rights and made sure the courts didn’t take advantage of my lack of knowledge of the law. I definitely will consider retaining her if I need her services when I go back to court when we decide it’s time to move.

– Kim

Legal expert, zealous attorney, who listens and represents you in Court.

I have been involved in a extremely difficult custody battle for 10 years. I am the Petitioner and Father in this case. My three boys were taken from me and I have not been heard in Riverside County Superior Court this whole time. I have had four attorneys and was reluctant to hire another attorney. At the suggestion of my wife, I looked to Rebecca Perkins for assistance. Rebecca listened to me and represented me in Court with Honesty, Integrity, and as only a Zealous attorney could. When it comes to listening, she was dead on. One aspect of my case is that my ex, is ready willing and able to do anything and everything. I explained this to Rebecca. During a break from Court, I informed Rebecca to be ready for anything. As we walked out of the Court room my ex called Rebecca a b*tch. Rebecca was able to ignore this and other attacks from my ex and her entourage. Rebecca was able to take all of my experiences, concerns, and thoughts from the past ten years and converted them into a condensed version that was a precise and concise language that only the Court could understand and listen to. To simplify what she did, Rebecca was my voice and the Court had no choice but to listen to what I had to say. I am extremely happy to call Rebecca Perkins, my attorney. I thank God for her service and for having my wife to help me find someone who listens and believes in me. We have been able to prove that my ex has been lying to the Court and she has been brainwashing the children (Parental Alienation). I was so moved by the facts that were heard in Court that I wrote this letter to Rebecca, “Rebecca Perkins, I want to Thank You for all that you’ve done. You have done a great job!!! For the first time in 10 years, multiple judges, forensic psychiatrist, supervised monitors, and so on… I have been heard and so have my children. We have a chance!!! May you always be blessed with your spirit and always fight as a Superhero should, for what is “Truth, Justice, and the American Way”.

– Child Custody Client

Alimony and the I.R.S.

I had an issue with the I.R.S. from 2009-2010,my information was given to Rebecca on May7,2014 and on August 11,2014 all had been resolved.Thank you great job

– James

I would hire her again

She is very energetic, highly motivated,and very flexible. She took the time to work with my work schedule, and even worked weekends with me. She is very easy to talk to,and stays in constant contact with you

– William

Aggressive and HONEST!

Where do I start? Rebecca Perkins is the BEST thing that has happened to me and my children in the last few years. I started my divorce with another attorney who basically tried to coerce me to give more to my EX who was continually making my life a living hell. The previous attny did not fight for me, let alone my children. I felt like she was fighting for my Ex. My Ex was running circles around me, destroying community property, not taking care of our kids physically, financially and just making a mockery of the layers of court orders that were presently in place. My previous attny did nothing about it and his behavior became nothing less of psychotic because he felt the rules didn’t apply to him. There wasn’t anyone to hold him accountable for his poor decisions and destructive actions.

That’s when I met Rebecca and ALL of that changed!! The day I met Rebeca and spoke to her regarding the last 2+ years of my horrendous divorce is the day I made up my mind that I would talk to nobody else but her. Rebecca listened to everything I had said and advised me of what she would do to bring this nightmare to an end. By the time I had transferred my case to Rebecca, my file was at least 2 file boxes full of documents.. That didnt stop her from going thru it and knowing every detail like the back of her hand. Rebecca tackeled everything that needed to be addressed and should have been since day 1. She strategically laid out a plan that was most effective for positive results in court as well as it being cost effective. Everything that Rebecca tells me she will do, she does it and exceeds my expectations. She does all of the work on my case herself, she answers calls and emails immediately and answers any questions or concerns I have with confidence and answers TRUTHFULLY!!! I have never been misled or baited into believing anything other than the truth. I may not always like what the truth is, but, she isn’t afraid to tell me. As far as that goes I would rather go into court knowing what to expect than to have her tell me what I want to hear and then I’m completely screwed in the courtroom. I am not afraid to go into court anymore with an attny that doesn’t remember my case from my last appearance. I no longer have an attny who knows my case from the quick review on the way to the courthouse the morning of my hearing. I now have someone who knows me, my case, my struggles and is fighting for the best future for my children and I. Rebecca will fight with 100% of everything she has. She is aggressive, efficient, brutally honest and is not afraid of anything or ANYONE!!

I promise you this.. if you don’t hire Rebecca Perkins to represent you, you will be sorry seeing her on the other side of the table from you. Rebecca Perkins.. You are a Godsend.

– Family Law Client

Divorce/Separation Case

Rebecca is professional, thorough, timely and accurate when practicing law. As her client, I felt important to her and she put my needs above all else. She is a conscientious attorney that goes above and beyond to make sure my case was her priority. I would recommend her because she always addressed my concerns and she took the time to see my case through from beginning to end.

– Ivonne

Child Custody

Rebecca is very knowledgable in family law. She works hard to get what you want. In my case I received 86% custody of my son. She exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend her.

– Sophia

She fought for ME!!

I can’t believe my ex was trying to destroy me. I had nobody in my corner until I met Ms. Perkins. She is worth every penny!! My ex had no idea I was coming to court with pitbull. My ex thinks he is smarter than everyone but she was relentless in getting her point across. She was brutally honest about what could happen in court which was hard to hear but she got it done…I have friends who have been going to court for almost two years and still going, I can’t believe how quickly I was able to get back to living my life again…

– Divorce Client

Thoroughly Pleased

I’ve been looking for a lawyer that will assist me with my needs and Rebecca has far surpassed what I was expecting. Rebecca is an aggressive thorough advocate that cares about her clients and goes to any length to help her clients understand the law. Rebecca avails herself 24/7 and response time is exceptional. Rebecca is very acknowledge in her field and is able to explain the law as it pertains to her client’s situation in all options. Rebecca has a personal touch and makes sure to explain all the options that are available to her client’s and not just what may be the easiest, making you feel part of the legal process.

– A.M.L.

A Reliable Attorney….

I was looking for an attorney that is professional, trustworthy and knowledgeable in divorce, and child custody law, so I hired Rebecca Perkins. It was the best decision I have ever made! Her professionalism and knowledge of the law is reassuring. She has helped me to win the custody arrangement that is best for my young children. Rebecca takes her time to explain every step of my case; she answered all my questions and provided information that I didn’t think to ask for. She takes my calls and answers all emails promptly. She always keeps me informed on my case. She is spot on and honest about what I should expect in my case, from court appearances to mediation to child custody decisions. If you are in need of a reliable attorney, I would highly recommend her.

– Lisa

Child support/Child Visitation

Ms. Perkins was very professional and personable. She provided valuable knowledge regarding the numerous child support/ child visitation questions that I had. I immensly appreciated her attentiveness and confidentiality she provided. She made this process a whole lot easier in a not so easy time.

– Kimberly

Very informative and aggressive

Ms. Perkins is a very aggressive attorney who was knowledgable about divorce and my divorce questions and needs. She was able to help me get all of my problems handled and we were able to get my judgment filed sooner than I thought. Thank you, Ms. Perkins!

– Steve

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