About Me

Attorney Rebecca Perkins

New Attorneys are a better investment!  I am an aggressive, competent, trustworthy, ethical and highly driven NEW attorney who knows the LAW.  In only ten months of practicing law, I have built a solid client base with extremely satisfied clients.

It is important to read reviews before hiring an attorney. The reviews are vetted and therefore are not “fake.”

Remember that NEW attorneys are hungry and dedicated to keeping up on local rules and laws that will help you win your case!  New Attorneys are not tired, jaded or greedy!  New Attorneys are much more willing to go the extra mile to make the process easier for you.  I will make sure you understand how the LAW applies to your case to manage your expectations.  NO surprises.

Also check out my Facebook page – I link to thought provoking articles and news that help family law litigants gain perspective on their situations.

This is why I am solo.  Preparation and knowledge of the law, judges, and other attorneys in the area are KEY to successful litigation.  I have worked very hard to build a network of A Rated Attorney Mentors, and there is no matter too complex for me.

I do NOT take every case.  If your position is unreasonable and runs counter to my core beliefs of decency and fairness I will turn you away.  I will not advocate a position that is toxic for children. But I will make absolutely sure that YOU are treated fairly.

For the last five years I have worked as an office manager/lead paralegal for some of the finest family law attorneys in the area, and I was extensively mentored and advised by each of them as I developed and honed my skills. This benefits my clients because I have access to 35-40+ years of extensive family law experience at my fingertips for a much lower price to my clients.

I received my B.A. in Public Administration from California State University of Los Angeles. Very shortly after, I took the L.S.A.T. and chose to attend law school.

For the majority of my law school experience I juggled a full-time job and my studies.  Having to prioritize and handle many important obligations at one time refined my ability to keep on top of everything I do.

In a complex and sensitive legal situation, it is crucially important that your legal counsel be honest and forthright, and I am scrupulously honest.  I explain the way the courts are operating and I will explain the rules, standards, and procedures to you. Some realities may make you unhappy, but you will always be fully prepared and will never be surprised.

In a perfect world we could all just go our separate ways at divorce.  Unfortunately emotions often cloud reason, and that is exactly why you need a professional to handle what can be the most challenging time in your life.  I believe in empowering my clients with knowledge and encouraging them to do the right thing.  If you want an aggressive attorney, I am your person.  If you want someone who can make your spouse feel comfortable enough to mediate the case and settle out of court, I can do that also.

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